Investment Banking

Capital Raising: Equity and Debt Financing

We provide financing solutions to our clientele via equity, debt, or hybrid options.

We have participated in various transactions through IPOs, private placements, bonds, and rights issues. Some of our past capital-raising milestones are:


The company employs an efficient and proven methodology that helps companies explore corporate divestment opportunities that facilitates growth whilst looking into alternate capital structures.


Financial Advisory Services

As a trusted advisor, we work alongside our clients to provide their businesses with independent strategic advice and guidance up to a successful outcome.


Mergers and Acquisitions

We leverage on our industry expertise and through an integrated approach tailored to transaction-specific needs of our clients, we advise on the optimal business combination involving mergers, acquisitions, management buyouts, strategic alliances, and joint ventures.

Securities Brokerage

As a broker/dealer, we assist our clients to invest across a broad class of financial instruments such as Stocks, FGN Bonds, Eurobonds, ETFs and Derivatives through various platforms at their convenience.


FCSL U-Trade

We offer clients access to trade online which allows them trade on-the-go whilst being guided by robust research.

FCSL Monitor

FCSL MONITOR is designed to assist investors especially busy executives, high net worth individuals, institutional investors, and other investment groups keep track of their investments in the Nigerian capital market.

FCSL Agency

A robust brokerage agency platform that enables Brokers, Sub-Brokers, Corporate and Individual Investment Advisers, Fund Managers and other registered Capital Market operators execute brokerage and client management services.


Our research identifies and creates investable opportunities in the market by employing well-tested approaches. We provide research report that range from the global perspective to the Nigerian economy making economic sense of the interdependency amongst the economies and its effects on the capacity flow and the available investment outlets.